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It was a challenge, to write a choose your own adventure with (originally) seven different routes for the first eight Doctors. Needless to say this expanded, and as the first Doctor route neared completion it was clear it was going to be whole lot bigger than originally intended.


As the second Doctor route was plotted out, Doctor Who returned to our TV screens with Christopher Eccleston as the ninth incarnation of the Timelord. Much internal debate ensued, which meant I had to restructure my plans and add another path through the book.


Things proceeded at a slow pace, trying to make believable worlds for the characters to adventure in. When David Tennant became the tenth Doctor and the need for another quest to be included, suddenly everything fitted into place. However writing it would take considerable time.


With Matt Smith's announcement, as the eleventh Doctor, the book was still unfinished and there was no possibility of further paths without a complete top to tail rewrite. As this was impractical, the book was going to be a huge tome already, it was put on hold until further ideas took shape.


Many months later I went back to the file. It was so close to completion, so I dedicated myself to finishing it and there it sat for years on a CD ever since.


Last year I was sorting through bits and pieces and found a CD and rediscovered the file. And after checking and cross-checking, correcting and a little rewriting, and the fine cover provided by Russell Scott, this behemoth is ready to be let loose on the public.

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